Stephen Reedy

Stephen Reedy is on a mission to coax those little chemicals hibernating in your mind (the awesome brain drugs we call emotions) to come out and forge a powerful relationship with his projects. If people feel, everybody wins. To do this, he pulls the best-suited creative weapons from his arsenal, utilizing storytelling and visual innovation, combining interesting styles, or simply putting humanity on a pedestal. His shorts & films dive into questions that have plagued society, such as where do all the Marios go after they die trying to save Princess Peach? Also, what happens when a gun-slinging cowboy follows a list of prophecies from the future and his bullet professes its love for a girl? Buckle up – With Stephen, it’s sure to be a wild ride.

Stephen has collaborated with the likes of Warner Bros, Bad Robot, Sony, Universal Music, Paramount, The Academy Awards, Deadmau5, Zerofriends, and Juxtapoz. His accolades include Shoot! Magazine’s New Director Showcase Selection, Two Vimeo Staff Picks, Film Quest Festival Winner, Universal Studios Best Short, and an MTV Movie Awards Nomination.